Angelique Boyer Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Angelique Boyer has the exotic features of a Mexican girl born in France, because she is, and was! This actress, singer, and model is more than just a beautiful face, she’s a talented artist and performer. She’s appeared in a number of Mexican telenovelas, movies, and television shows, and mainly enjoys fame in the Spanish-speaking world. She’s also well known for her nose job, which drastically changed her looks and helped make her the famous face she is today!

Now, Angelique has a very small and dainty nose. Before, she had a wide nose with a rounded tip. Her whole nose was wider across the bridge, and now it’s very, very delicate looking. There seems to be a trend in rhinoplasty at the moment to make noses as small as possible. Even actresses with naturally small noses, like Kiera Knightley, are having their noses made smaller and smaller.


While a small nose can look like it’s been operated on, which is a downside for many, it also brings out all the other features of the face. Now, it’s easy to see Angelique’s big eyes, and big smile. It’s likely she decided to downplay her nose in order to better show off what she considered to be her more desirable assets.

Many actresses get nose jobs, and it’s no secret that they do it to further their careers. It is likely that Angelique knew from the time she was very young that she wanted to be an actress, and accordingly decided to get plastic surgery. It’s much safer to get a nose job before becoming famous, because you can avoid the media scandals and negative judgments of others like fans and critics.

What do you think of Angelique’s new nose? Did she do the right thing to get her nose made so small, or now is it just too tiny? Check out her before and after photos to see the transformation for yourself!

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