Antonio Banderas Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

The very handsome Spanish actor Antonio Banderas has long been an international sex symbol. This successful actor has appeared in many films over the years, including Interview with the Vampire, The Mask of Zorro, and Evita. He first got his start as a famous actor in Spain, then later moved on to Hollywood with his talent and good looks. Married to Melanie Griffith, it would seem that Banderas has it all! Lately, however, he’s shown his face to the paparazzi looking a little bit peculiar. Could his new look be the work of plastic surgery?

When actors are known for natural, rugged good looks it can be a bit of a shock when they suddenly turn up looking primped and fresh-faced. That’s why it came as such a surprise to many of his fans when Antonio admitted to using chemical peels. These treatments refresh the skin on the face, which can be fantastic for reducing the appearance of aging skin cells. However, is he telling the truth that he’s only using superficial treatments, or is he using some injectable treatments too?


It’s clear that wife Melanie Griffith has gone under the knife more than once. Could Banderas have followed in her footsteps? Many people in Hollywood begin to use Botox injections as they reach middle-age. Now in his fifties, Antonio wouldn’t be the first male celebrity to go to such lengths to maintain a wrinkle-free mug, in hopes of extending his career.

The fact of the matter is that as actors age, the roles they are offered are generally age-appropriate. That means that his chances of continuing as an actor are better the more natural-looking he remains!

What do you think of Antonio Banderas’s new look? Do you believe that he’s only using external skin treatments, or do you think he has gone under the knife?

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