Bristol Palin Jaw Surgery Before and After Photo

Bristol Palin, daughter of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, has been in and out of the press and tabloids since her mother’s run for office. Media, reality television and the paparazzi have been keeping tabs on her and watching her grow from teen mom to advocate and speaker for political issues she’s taken on. When she arrived at the 2010 White House Correspondence Dinner, the change in her jawline could not have gone unnoticed.

Just a year before, Bristol’s chin was much more curved, and her checks and face blended more seamlessly into her chin and neck. Now, after corrective jaw surgery, her chin is much more pointed, her jaws are very defined, and her face has a cleaner shape and more separation from her neck.


Bristol has spoken out about her surgery, sharing that it was just a medical procedure.  Her doctors were concerned with the way her jaw was impacting her teeth.  The new jawline was to accommodate her smile, and her doctors believe her teeth are more properly aligned because of the changes to her jawline.

There were claims that the surgery was unnecessary, and that her tooth alignment could have been achieved through braces or other orthodontic procedures. Her teeth definitely look straightened, and her top row of teeth is much more even since her surgery.  The jawline surgery may have had a cosmetic effect and also served to rapidly repair her smile without the pain or time required by traditional teeth straightening techniques.

Bristol Palin says that she would not have undergone elective surgery if it was necessary. She is very pleased with the results, both in her appearance and the correction to her teeth alignment.  The face that shows up on news programming, reality shows and speaker tours, now has a straighter smile and a defined chin.

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