Britney Spears Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

An artist like Britney Spears goes through so many changes and phases in her trouble career, that it’s impossible to keep up with all the different plastic surgery rumors that surround her. It’s likely she’s been under the knife many times to get various kinds of plastic surgery, sometimes with more successful results than others!

The first time she went under the knife, Britney had a nose job done. Her old nose was wider and rounder, like in her Mickey Mouse Club days. Today, her nose looks great and is more elegant and refined. She did a good job of keeping the shape of her natural nose, just having it downsized. Later, she may have had another rhinoplasty as the tip of her nose is now very pinched, although it still looks good.


Everyone heard about the controversy over Britney’s breast implants. When she was still in her teens she suddenly turned up with large breasts, after having had very small natural breasts before. She always said that the rumors were false, and made fun of the situation to the media. It seems clear, however, that yes, she did have breast implants at some point.

Since her teens, it is reported that Britney has had her breast implants removed, downsized, and replaced several times, especially as she matured and her natural breasts grew, and when she became pregnant.

It can be seen easily that Britney, as she is getting older, has started using facial filler injections to look younger. She may even be showing signs of wrinkles and fine lines already! Now, she looks like she’s using Botox on her forehead, and facial filler injections to plump up areas like her cheeks and lips.

It has been said that after giving birth Britney weighed a ton, so she had liposuction done to her stomach, legs, thighs, and butt. Her body shape quickly improved after giving birth, which many people find suspicious!

These are just some of the plastic surgery procedures Britney is accused of having. What do you think, has she gone under the knife to change her look time and time again throughout the years?

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