David Gest Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

David Gest is best known for his relationship with the Jackson family, and as a producer for The Jackson 5. This American producer became known on UK television when he appeared on the reality competition program I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Today, he is also known for his strange plastic surgery. The downright scary results of his cosmetic surgery work have left him looking like a completely different person. He seems to have almost been disfigured after going under the knife!

It’s clear that David had very extensive plastic surgery done on his face. He has been left with a strange result that is nowhere near natural! For a while there he looked pretty aged and tired. After a facelift, his face was left looking far too tight to be natural. The bags under his eyes, and the loose skin around his mouth have disappeared entirely, which points to a facelift and possibly even eyelid surgery. The problem is that after taking away the natural look of his face, he has been left looking strained and with limited motion in his face.


In addition to the facelift, he also got Botox injections, which have made the skin look strained and bloated. Areas like his forehead and cheeks are far too smooth. The waxy, shiny look he’s been left with screams of bad plastic surgery!

Finally, David has also clearly had a rhinoplasty procedure done. His nose which was once thick and bulbous at the tip, has now become too thin and narrow. The tip has been refined to a point, and the nostrils tucked in. This is not how his natural nose looked, and of course the result has turned out looking unnatural!

Check out the before and after photos of David Gest’s shocking plastic surgery to judge his results for yourself!

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