Did Deidre Hall Have Plastic Surgery?

Looking good is easy for young celebrities with their whole careers ahead of them. Once a famous woman gets into her sixties though? Then it can be tricky to keep appearing fresh faced in the media. Cameras can be unforgiving, which is why Deidre Hall has been commended for keeping herself looking young and gorgeous all these years! Of course, with good looks in old age come plastic surgery rumors. Many critics believe that her looks, which are those of a woman 20 years younger, have come from plastic surgery and not just good genetics.

It would appear that Deidre Hall has used a facelift and Botox injections to keep herself looking as young as she does. She certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to try this combination of cosmetic procedures. Her face appears free of wrinkles and fine lines. Generally, in a person of her age, this indicates that the skin has been stretched with a facelift to smooth out the marks, then filled in with Botox to fully eliminate wrinkles and creases on the forehead, around the eyes, and near the mouth. Where is the saggy skin that a woman over 50 should have? It would seem that Deidre has eliminated it with well-performed plastic surgery.


It is also quite likely that Deidre has had a chemical peel at some point in her life. This cosmetic procedure, when used frequently, can eliminate any spots or discoloration on the skin caused by age. It’s important when trying to keep a natural look after plastic surgery to brighten up the skin, because if not it will simply appear to be old skin stretched strangely over the bone structure of the face. The new skin really helps take away the years.

Are you as impressed with Deidre Hall’s new look as her many fans are? See her before and after photos to decide for yourself!

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