Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The actress Jessica Alba is famous for her roles in major Hollywood movies, but also for being incredibly gorgeous! This young actress, and now married mother, got her start on television. Her face first became well-known when she appeared on the show Dark Angel as character Max Guevara. She starred in the show from 2000 to 2002, before making a very smooth transition to the big screen. Some of her major motion pictures have included Fantastic Four, Honey, and Into the Blue.

Today, Jessica is happily married to Cash Warren, who is the son of actor Michael Warren. Together, they have two young daughters. A lot of Jessica’s happiness is owed to her success in showbiz, but did she get a little bit of a boost at the start? Many people suspect that she had some plastic surgery early in her career that helped her out a great deal.


While it’s hard to imagine the perfect face and body of Jessica Alba being made of plastic, the rumors suspect that she’s had breast implants and a nose job too! Her breasts were a size B cup at the beginning of her career, and suddenly grew to a size C cup. While having children can affect the size of a woman’s breasts, it would seem that her bust size grew suspiciously before she was ever pregnant.

As for her nose job, many fans who have been watching closely believe they have seen some width shaved off her nose over the years. The tip of the nose also appears more refined. Not to mention, that after two children she’s suddenly gotten rid of a great deal of belly fat! Sources say she’s been spotted leaving the Beauty Park Medical Spa, near her home in Santa Monica, CA. One of the treatments offered there is laser liposuction, which could help get rid of pregnancy weight.

Did Jessica Alba go under the knife? Check out her before and after photos to decide for yourself!

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