Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

When a celebrity begins to look younger instead of older, it’s a red flag to the media that the person is using plastic surgery! Is this the case with Joan Allen? Recently, she has been judged by the media, fans, and critics alike for suddenly appearing with a smooth, wrinkle-free face. They believe she has achieved this through plastic surgery. The likely method of wrinkle removal will have been Botox injections, especially on her cheeks and forehead.

While some people think Joan Allen looks like she’s had plastic surgery beyond a shadow of a doubt, others think that she is simply using cosmetics to get a new, fresh, young look. There are not so many differences between her before and after photos, leading many to say that she is NOT using plastic surgery. Others believe she has used a very small, tasteful amount of Botox, and is simply not going overboard with the injections like so many celebrities these days. She does exhibit some signs of wrinkles, which give her a natural look, especially for a lady of her age- in her fifties!


In the past Joan Allen had lean cheeks that appeared sunken. These days, she has appeared in public with chubby cheeks that appear to have been injected with some kind of filler. Other people go as far as to speculate that she has had actual cheek implants!

New York dermatologist Dr. Judith Hellman thinks that Joan’s cheeks have definitely been worked on, and that she has likely had injections like Radiesse, Sculptra, or body fat put into her face. It may also be possible that she has had a minor facelift. Dr. Paul S. Nassif agrees, saying that is appears that she’s had a facelift or used fillers to remove her wrinkles and lines.

If it’s this hard to tell, Joan Allen’s plastic surgeons must have done a good job! Do you agree?

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