Joey Lawrence Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

For decades Joey Lawrence has been looking good and breaking hearts. He has been a teen heartthrob for generations, which is a feat not just any actor could pull off. In the 90′s he starred on the hit sitcom Blossom, and more recently stars in the sitcom Melissa and Joey. What’s the problem then? Lately it seems Joey has taken a liking to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures such as Botox, and things may have gone a bit overboard.

What is ‘Strange Botox Face?’ It’s not in any medical journals, and it’s not even a real condition, but pretty much everyone who has ever turned on a television set has seen it. When a person, usually a celebrity, gets Botox regularly, it would seem that the person stops being able to identify when enough is enough. When things go overboard, a case of ‘Strange Botox Face’ usually follows. The individual will begin to look plastic-like and misshapen, and it is very likely that they will look strange and strained when attempting to frown, smile, or show any type of emotion at all!


Man-scaping is a great thing, and if Joey Lawrence wants to go all out to look his best, then by all means, he should do it! From waxing to laser hair removal and hair dye, there are many ways an actor can improve his looks as he ages. When he starts resembling the version of himself sitting in a wax museum more than his former glory, then there is a bit of a problem.

A bit of advice for Joey Lawrence might be to let a few natural wrinkles take their rightful place. Hey, if George Clooney can pull it off, surely Joey can too!

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