John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

It’s not always actors and actresses who find themselves in the public eye and in need of plastic surgery. Lately, more and more politicians have been following suit! Politicians spend just as much time on camera as actors and actresses, especially when in the midst of a campaign. Politicians are generally at least middle-aged, meaning that there are signs of aging to get rid of, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and bags under the eyes.

Now, at nearly 70 years of age, John Kerry has been suspected of having had plastic surgery. In 2012 when he showed up to work with two black eyes, and blamed it on playing hockey, few people believed him! They thought that it as more likely that the marks under his eyes were remnants from plastic surgery in the process of healing.


To reverse the signs of aging and give him more definition in the face, it appears that John Kerry has had Botox injections, a facelift, a browlift, facial filler injections, and perhaps even rhinoplasty. Unfortunately for John, few people had pleasant things to say about the results of all his plastic surgery. Most people thought his skin looked too tight, especially around the forehead, face, and underneath his eyes. This made him look unnatural, and generally just odd. There was too much evidence all over his face that he had too much plastic surgery.

It’s clear to see in his before and after photos, that John Kerry has used Botox and facial fillers around his forehead and eyes. These procedures have further eliminated any wrinkles left over after tightening the skin with a facelift. Marks such as crow’s feet and laugh lines have mysteriously disappeared, providing much evidence that he did go under the knife. Today, he has limited range of motion in his face, which is just another sign of using too much Botox.

Other rumors of more invasive plastic surgery like chin surgery and a nose job come from photographic evidence and professional opinion. His chin looks to have been further defined by moving it forward in lower jaw surgery. His nose also looks to have been made more symmetrical through plastic surgery procedures.

Do you think John Kerry has done a good job of turning back the clock by getting plastic surgery, or has he been left looking foolish? See his before and after photos to decide for yourself!

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