Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

If one was describing actress Laura Prepon, they may say that her face has been completely modified by cosmetic procedures. Her claim to fame was her portrayal of Donna Pinciotti in the popular Fox TV show, That 70s Show, she has obviously gone under the knife and made some significant changes. She has not confirmed having undergone any procedures, but it is very apparent when you look at her photos.

Prepon has guest starred on numerous television programs and has appeared in several movies. With her growing popularity, she apparently felt the need to enhance her appearance with the help of a cosmetic surgeon. However, it seems as though not every procedure she decided to have done turned out well for her.


What has Laura Propon had done? Many people suspect rhinoplasty, cheek implants, and even Botox injections. Actually, many of her fans think she has gone overboard and had too many procedures. After all of these procedures, she has lost her natural appearance and has begun to look fake.

The best procedure she has undergone was the nose job, also known as rhinoplasty. It has made her nose more refined and elegant than it appeared before. The Botox injections made her forehead smooth, but they actually made her forehead too smooth and gave her a fake appearance. Many people have commented that she had too many injections and went overboard, negatively impacting her looks.

Her cheek implants were a success. They left her cheeks looking full and plump, leaving her with a healthy, nutritious appearance. With it all said, she would have done fine without the Botox injections. Most fans have indicated that they hope she stops while she is ahead. What do you think about Laura Prepon’s procedures? Did she go overboard?

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