Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

In Asia, the majority of plastic surgery patients are from South Korea. Research shows that most of the people there, particularly women, love to make some changes to their appearance through cosmetic surgery procedures. More recent studies show that now more men are taking advantage of the options available through plastic surgery.  Lee Min ho is considered a South Korean plastic surgery success.

Lee Min ho is best known for his role in the popular Korean drama, Boys Before Flower. The actor admitted he had some cosmetic procedures done to parts of his face. Just by simply comparing his photos from the past and the present, it is obvious that the changes have been done to his lips and his nose, both of which now appear very different than before.


His nose seems to have been subjected to rhinoplasty. The shape of his nose, especially its sharpness, has been drastically changed by the procedure. His new, elegant nose has made him appear even more handsome. His lips used to be more definitive and larger, but now they do not stick out as far.

The combination of the two cosmetic procedures left him looking like a new man. His lips are more suitable for his appearance, and his nose is straight, narrow and attractive. His looks are admired by many, women in particular. Do you think that the girls are disappointed in his decision to have cosmetic surgery? It is probably safe to assume not. If possible, he is even more attractive than before, and he remains extremely popular. Many magazines have referred to him as a heartthrob.


  1. Well MinHo u are already Handsom before going for the surgery…but u didn’t have to…I think I prefer your before looks to your present…God has made u handsome, u didn’t have to touch your body because u want to look better

  2. i like u lee min ho

  3. i love your character in boys before flowers…

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