Rebecca Adlington Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

The former professional swimmer Rebecca Adlington became famous as a two-time gold medal winner for the English swimming team at the 2008 Beijing Sumer Olympic Games. She has the distinction of being the first British swimmer to earn two gold medals since the Olympic Games of 1908. Her winning race saw her break Janet Evans’ world record in the 800 meter freestyle race. Also engaged to marry swimmer Harry Needs, Rebecca seems to have it all!

Rumors began to fly about Rebecca’s use of plastic surgery after she was quoted in the Daily Mail saying she might consider having some procedures done in the future. She told the reporters that she suffered from poor self-image, and might consider a nose job, breast augmentation, and a lip augmentation to improve her look.


Now in her mid-twenties, Rebecca has already retired from professional swimming. After being heavily criticized for her looks, she seems to have taken the words of the media and critics to heart, and decided that cosmetic procedures were in her retirement plans. She has a great body, with all those years of athletic training behind her, but her large nose and face shape may have influenced her negative self-esteem.

There is speculation that Rebecca has already operated on her nose, and had a small rhinoplasty procedure. While her nose still has its characteristic, pointed shape, it appears narrower. The overall shape of the nose seems to have been refined and the size reduced. As for lip augmentation, there are no outward signs that she has used filler injections or surgery to plump up her lips, yet. Lastly, she may have had a breast augmentation, but if she did it was well done and subtle, as she still has very natural looking breasts.

Take a look at Rebecca Adlington’s before and after photos to decide if she’s gone under the knife for yourself!

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