Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

As actresses get older, and still look great, it becomes hard to deny all the plastic surgery rumors that pop up. Now in her mid-fifties, Roma Downey is one such actress that either has gone under the knife, or has really good genetics! In a recent awards ceremony, the paparazzi snapped photos of Roma Downey looking like she hasn’t aged a day. Could she be using cosmetic procedures to achieve her impressive results, or is it possible that she’s using all natural treatments?

With a total lack of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, or other signs of aging, it’s easy to see why people would point fingers and assume plastic surgery. This is especially true when in the past, she already had begun to show some of these signs, but the aging process appears to have been reversed entirely!


It would appear that Roma has had several cosmetic surgery procedures such as a facelift, Botox injections, a necklift, facial filler injections, and laser skin treatments. The Botox, facelift, and necklift explain how she has avoided wrinkles and sagging skin. The facial filler injections could be the reason why her face has kept its form and looks youthful, instead of her features beginning to migrate south as happens with older women. The laser skin treatments make the quality of the skin look much better, and eliminate features like dark spots or age spots.

As with so many actresses, Roma Downey has never spoken publicly about her use of plastic surgery, neither to confirm or deny the rumors. Based on her before and after photos, do you think it’s a fact that she’s gone under the knife, or do you think makeup, styling, and good genetics could achieve the same effects? Check out her photos to decide for yourself!

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