Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

The super sexy Latin actress Sofia Vergara has been in the media ever since she became famous with talk of her possible plastic surgeries. Her hot body has been up for discussion, as some of her curves seemed to be a bit larger than would naturally occur on a woman of her small size. The size of her bust is an especially hot topic, and as is the case with many other Hollywood actresses, it’s been assumed that she’s had breast implants. It may also be true that she’s had procedures like liposuction, and Botox injections.

The biggest change, of course, is that of her breasts. Her breasts today are large, full, and round. In the past, her breasts were not so impressive! They are also a bit too large for the size of her frame. All of these signs point to her having gotten breast implants at some point early in her career.


The liposuction rumors come from the fact that her waist is so slim in comparison to her bust. It would appear that she used liposuction and possibly a tummy tuck to remove the fat from around her waist. This procedure also would have smoothed the skin of her stomach and made it more attractive.

More recently, as Sofia gets older, the Botox injection rumors have started to spread. She should be showing signs of aging by now if she were all-natural, but she has no wrinkles or fine lines on her face. All of these factors point to the fact that she, like so many other celebrities, has turned to Botox in an attempt to keep looking young as long as possible.

It has been said that Sofia Vergara admitted to the press that she had used breast augmentation, but planned on only keeping the implants in as long as they were helping to advance her career.

Do you think Sofia made the right choice to go under the knife to improve her acting career? Take a look at her before and after photos for yourself!

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